Build your own DuckDB C++ Extension

In this workshop, we will build, from scratch, a DuckDB extension that performs simple data analysis on financial data. We will build a small set of table-producing functions, scalar and aggregate functions. 

We will also set automatic binary distribution for the latest DuckDB version.

Pedro Holanda

Pedro Holanda


Pedro Holanda is a computer scientist with a background in database architectures. He completed his Ph.D. at CWI in Amsterdam, where he specialized in indexing for interactive data analysis. He is a prominent contributor to the open-source database management system, DuckDB. Currently, he is the COO of DuckDB Labs, a company that provides services and support for DuckDB.

What the attendees will learn

On this hands-on exercise, you will learn how to build your own DuckDB C++ extension.


: Intermediate C++ level, Git, and AWS S3 accounts. CLion will be used by the instructor during the workshop.

Companies that use this technology

Google, Facebook, Airbnb

Build your own DuckDB C++ Extension

Date and time:


16:00 - 18:00


C++, DuckDB

Target audience roles:

C++ developers




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