Build your own Google Analytics in an hour

If someone said to you, “We need to replace Google Analytics, let’s build our own!” you’d probably be thinking “That sounds like a lot of effort, no thanks!”. But, it really doesn’t have to be that hard. You’d probably be worried about building, scaling and securing the infrastructure required to handle high-volume streaming data, run large analytical queries, and host yet another REST API to access your data from the frontend. In this workshop, we’ll show you how you can do it all in under an hour.

Alasdair Brown

Alasdair Brown

Developer Relations Lead

Alasdair leads Developer Advocacy at Tinybird. He has spent the past 10 years in Cyber Security & Big Data, building some of the largest data platforms in the world, enabling financial institutions, critical national infrastructure and defense agencies to work in real time, at scale, to detect and analyze threats. He joined Tinybird in 2022 because “you shouldn’t need $2 billion and 400 engineers to do real time”.

Elena Torró

Elena Torró

Software Engineer

Elena is a Software Engineer with experience in both Frontend and Backend development. In the last six years, she's been working on enabling developers to use technical data products, ranging from map libraries at CARTO to real-time analysis tools at Tinybird. In addition to her passion for technology, she practices Karate and Paddle Surf, creates riddles, and writes Science Fiction stories.

What the attendees will learn

You’ll learn how you can ingest, query and publish data at high volume and with low latency using Tinybird, and integrate your data into your frontend application. You’ll deploy the entire stack into production, for free, using serverless services that scale with you.

  • A laptop, as long as it can run a web browser, you’re fine.

  • A free Vercel account (can be created during the session, no credit card needed)

  • A free Tinybird account (can be created during the session, no credit card needed)

Companies that use this technology
  • Vercel uses Tinybird for Vercel Audiences, Logs, and more

  • FanDuel uses Tinybird to turn data streams into API-accessible data products

  • The Hotels Network uses Tinybird for realtime personalisation to connect their customers with the best experiences

  • Indies like BeamAnalytics, and Planetfall use Tinybird as their analytical backend to innovate and move fast

  • Open source tools like Tremor and Nuxt.js use Tinybird to power telemetry to help them build better software

Workshop Plan
  • Start at the end: You’ll get hands on with Tinybird’s Web Analytics Starter Kit and see what the final result looks like

  • See how it's made: Starting from scratch, you’ll build a realtime Web Analytics application, without creating a single piece of infrastructure.

Build your own Google Analytics in an hour

Date and time:


14:00 - 16:00


Tinybird, Web Analytics

Target audience roles:

software engineers, data engineers, product managers




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