Building reliable applications with Temporal

In this workshop, you will learn how to write reliable applications without having to deal with complex error/retry logic. 

We will explore the basic building blocks of Temporal: Workflows and Activities, and, we’ll use these building blocks along with Temporal's SDK to develop an application that communicates with external services. 

Antonio Mendoza Pérez

Antonio Mendoza Pérez

Developer Success Engineer

Antonio is a Developer Success Engineer at Temporal, where he helps big companies and startups to build invincible applications. Before joining Temporal, he worked for 10+ years as a software developer with Java, Typescript and Python across several industries.

He contributes to the Serverless Workflow Specification, where he maintains Typescript and Python SDKs.

What the attendees will learn

You will learn how to build complex and reliable applications with less code.


- A laptop with Docker, JDK and your favourite IDE.

- Previous Java experience is helpful, but not required.

Companies that use this technology

- Business process applications: Snap, Airbyte, Descript…

- Infrastructure management: Datadog, Netflix, Hashicorp

- For business transactions: Coinbase, Doorssash, Box…

Workshop Plan


- Short introduction to Temporal

- Learn how to create an application from scratch

- Practice: Build, break and fix things on your own

Building reliable applications with Temporal

Date and time:


16:00 - 18:00


Application development, workflows, durable executions

Target audience roles:





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