Data UX

This workshop is about creating advanced user experiences with data, going beyond visualising or exploring information. We'll learn methodologies and techniques that enable data transformations, sophisticated analysis, and pattern recognition, as well as models training, parametrisation and tuning through human interaction. Instead of just present or enable exploration, data UX allows for more advanced processes, that appeal to human intelligence, and maximize human-machine collaboration. This developments requires a new user experience approach, as well as differences in how business analysts, data analysts and data science teams operate. Is a new paradigm that allows for agile analysis and for more and better collaboration between business and data professionals.


Santiago Ortiz


Interactive Designer

Santiago Ortiz is an interactive designer, information visualization researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. He uses his background in mathematics and complexity sciences to push the boundaries of information visualization and data based storytelling. He specializes in networks, conversations and knowledge. He was born in Colombia, where he began creating images out of code when he was eight. In 1999 he co-founded Moebio, an innovative interactive studio. In 2001 he moved to Madrid, Spain, where he worked as consultant in interactive development, teaching art and interactive design at various universities, and working as an interactive artist collaborating in several exhibitions. In 2005 he co-founded Bestiario (Barcelona), the first company in Europe devoted to information visualization. In 2012 he started working as an international consultant, helping organizations with analyzing data and developing information communication strategies, especially in the US. In 2016 he co-founded Drumwave in California. Since 2021 he has lived in Dénia, Spain.

What the attendees will learn

Attendees will learn a new approach to creating and operating with models, based on visual and interactive tools. They will learn the basics for developing interactive visualisation aimed to build analysis pipelines, as opposed to just exploring data or presenting analysis results. They will learn a couple of techniques in more depth.


A laptop with your favourite IDE

No  previous requirements are needed. All javascript code required (prototypes templates) will be provided to the attendees.

Workshop Plan

part 1: introduction to Data UX: a review of ideas, projects, methodologies. Looking at the inner machinery of a data UX project.

part 2: Discussion, ideation of projects. identification of one or three ideas to be developed.

part 3: from the ideas gathered, we'll develop a prototype that explores at least one data UX feature. Attendees could build in parallel or just follow along with the creation of a prototype that includes elements of Data UX.

Data UX

Date and time:

Wednesday 27th



Data Visualization, Data Science, UX, Javascript

Target audience roles:

Attendees could be proficient in Java Script, Data Science, and coding in general, and in such case they are invited to code along with Santiago. Or, if they are not proficient with these tools, follow the process, contribute with discussion and ideas.




Coffee and tea

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