Data analysis with DuckDB

Reach the next level in your data analysis career by adding DuckDB to your data stack. In this hands-on exercise, we will build a data science pipeline using DuckDB. We will analyze and visualize the TLC Trip Record dataset, and compare DuckDB's performance and usability with other database systems and dataframe libraries. The end goal is to build a fare prediction model. 

Pedro Holanda

Pedro Holanda


Pedro Holanda is a computer scientist with a background in database architectures. He completed his Ph.D. at CWI in Amsterdam, where he specialized in indexing for interactive data analysis. He is a prominent contributor to the open-source database management system, DuckDB. Currently, he is the COO of DuckDB Labs, a company that provides services and support for DuckDB.

What the attendees will learn

Learn how to analyze and visualize a dataset using DuckDB.


Intermediate level of Python and have a Google Colab account.

Companies that use this technology

Google, Facebook, Airbnb,etc.

Data analysis with DuckDB

Date and time:


09:00 - 11:00


Databases, Analytics

Target audience roles:

Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists




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