Orchestrating the IoT with BPMN in the Cloud

This workshop will take a practical, hands-on look at using cloud-based Business Process Management to orchestrate IoT services and workflows. We will use Camunda's Cloud service to do this. Participants will start with some IoT Hardware (an ESP-32 CAM, as well as some other parts) to build a complete IoT device capable of sending pictures to the Cloud service. We will then use the Cloud APIs to build a series of services to handle the IoT data including external services like Google's Image Processing AI, etc. to build increasingly complex systems to handle the IoT data.

By the end of the workshop participants will have a fully functioning IoT device capable of image-processing and causing an external system to react.

David G. Simmons


Principal Developer Advocate

David is an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer who has been working in the field for over 15 years. He is now the Principal Developer Advocate at Camunda. Previously, he was Head of Developer Relations at QuestDB and the Senior Developer Advocate at Influx Data. That’s 2 Time Series databases in a row. If you’re wondering how that’s related to IoT, read about Why an IoT does Time Series Data.

What the attendees will learn

- Basic circuitry to build a push-button activated IoT camera

- Design of increasingly complex BPMN models for IoT data handling

- Use of Camunda APIs to extend capabilities to external systems

- Use of Google image processing AI for image classification


- Basic programming skills

- Familiarity with Go

- Working VSCode environment with the following features enabled:

  •  Golang installed and functioning (latest version)
  •  Working installation of Arduino IDE and ability to install additional libraries
  • Working USB port (and USB-C to USB-A adapter as required)
  • Chrome web browser

Workshop Plan

- Overview of the entire project

- Distribution of workshop hardware

- Account creation for Camunda Cloud

- Basic Arduino programming of devices using provided firmware

- Design and deployment of BPMN process

- Writing of Go services

- Deployment of Go services

- Testing and debugging as needed

Orchestrating the IoT with BPMN in the Cloud

Date and time:

Wednesday 27th

14:00 - 16:30


IoT, BPMN, Cloud

Target audience roles:





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