Realtime data with Redpanda

Learn how to build a real-time data streaming application in just 2 hours!  Organizations rely on the latest data to inform decision-making, enhance operations, and sharpen their competitive edge. But none of that can happen without an application capable of streaming all that data in real time. In this workshop, we show you how to build a simple end-to-end data processing pipeline using Redpanda—a low-cost, high-performing Kafka®-compatible streaming data platform.

Michał Maślanka

Michał Maślanka

Software Developer

Michal has 10+ years of experience in software engineering across different industries, focusing on distributed systems. He joined Redpanda in 2019 where he is one of the primary contributors to Redpanda core. Michal is currently responsible for Redpanda's Raft implementation and cluster orchestration bits.

What the attendees will learn

You'll leave with a good understanding of the concepts and the know-how to build a real-time data streaming application yourself.


- Laptop

- Docker/Podman


- Python 

- Git

Companies that use this technology

- Akamai

- Jumptrading

- Lacework

- Alpaca

- Stoenex

Workshop Plan

- Short introduction to Redpanda and data streaming

- Basic features

- Creating simple application producing data 

- Creating simple application consuming data

- Redpanda and stream processing framework

- Real time queries

Realtime data with Redpanda

Date and time:


11:00 - 13:00


Real-Time Data, Streaming Data

Target audience roles:

Developers, Data Engineers, DevOps engineers




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