The Wonderfull world of certificates

Certificates are everywhere: in between; on the server; and even on your own devices. Even the people who don't know what a certificate is, still look for the lock in the address bar. And if they don't, they should. For people working with certificates daily, "Zero Trust" is something that is a standard that has been around since TLS 1.0, not a new buzzword. Need to know more? Join us!


Joep Kokkeler



Data engineering geek who loves to interface with oranges at the request of the client! Prefers open source and has done miles in enterprise environments/tooling/companies. Likes to run when possible, likes to take it slow with yoga and likes to frustrate himself with golf. All in his spare time.

Pieter Van der Meer


A passionate engineer at Dataworkz, Pieter gets a buzz from anything that's related to Engineering. It doesn't matter if it's a piece of code, a nicely setup K8s environment or a CI/CD pipeline - as long it is related to data or data streaming he's happy. When he's not working on Engineering, you're most likely to find him out on the water somewhere :-)

What the attendees will learn

In this workshop we will guide you into world of certificates. Starting with the basic tooling you will learn how certificates are created and managed with a variety of (command line) tools. You'll learn:

  • Key concepts of certificates and use there of
  • Standard tools used when working with certificates
  • Creating your own certificate authority in a Kubernetes environment

Workshop Plan

  • Starting with the explanation on the key concepts of certificates
  • What the role of a Certificate Authority(CA) has with certificates
  • Openssl essentials
  • Keytool essentials
  • Creating your first CA 
  • Setting up your CA within cert-manager using Kubernetes in Kind
  • Securing your first web service/application


  • (20 min) Intro on the terms and concepts
  • (20 min) Openssl & keytool usage
  • (10 min) Concepts of a CA
  • (10 min) Creating your first CA
  • 15 min break
  • (45 min) Setting up the environment/cert-manager
  • (30 min) Securing your web service/application
  • (15 min) Review and evaluation/drinks 


The Wonderfull world of certificates

Date and time:

Wednesday 27th



Certificates, Certificate Authority and Certificate Chains

Target audience roles:

Tech savvy architects, hands-on engineers, (micro-service) developers

All with a security mindset




Coffee and tea

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