Writing Software With ChatGPT

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, but most people only touch the surface of what's possible. ChatGPT can become an indispensable tool for software developers, but only if you understand how to use it appropriately. In this workshop, we'll see examples of how to use ChatGPT to write software and practical prompt engineer techniques to improve the accuracy of the answers.

Santiago Valdarrama

Santiago Valdarrama

Machine Learning Engineer

Santiago is a Machine Learning Engineer instructor. He has a Master's in Machine Learning from the Georgia Institute of Technology and two decades of experience building software for some of the largest companies in the world. He co-founded bnomial.com, where he publishes daily Machine Learning questions and competitions.

What the attendees will learn

 Attendees will learn about use cases and prompt engineer techniques to use ChatGPT effectively.


Laptop and a notebook to write notes.

Companies that use this technology


Workshop Plan

    •  Introduction to ChatGPT
    • General considerations about using ChatGPT for software development
    • 10 use cases and examples
    • Prompt engineering techniques to get better results

Writing Software With ChatGPT

Date and time:


14:00 - 16:00


AI, ChatGPT, Software

Target audience roles:

Anyone who writes software




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