No unicorns, no caticorns, just software development

Amy Nguyen


Software Engineer

Building Developer Tools Your Coworkers Won't Hate

Asha Karim


Associate Software Engineer

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Testing in Black-box Distributed Systems

Bridget McErlean


Software Engineer

Monitoring your applications and services with Prometheus

Cassandra Leung


Software Tester

What Are You Talking About? How Others Perceive Devs and DevOps

Don Syme


Principal Researcher

The F# Path to Relaxation

Eline Brandt


Business Technology Sales Consultant at Oracle

Big Data: selling the Business Case to the business

Hadi Hariri


Developer Advocacy at JetBrains

Asynchronous Programming with Kotlin

Holden Karau


Committer Apache Spark

General Purpose Big Data Systems are eating the world: Tool consolidation -- is it inevitable?

Isabel Cabezas


Software Engineer

IoT on the beach house

Ivan Krylov


Senior Software Engineer at Azul Systems

Lifecycle of a JIT compiled code

Janna Brummel


IT Chapter Lead of SRE

How We Try to Make a Lion Bulletproof; Setting up SRE in a Global Financial Organization

Joe Armstrong


Computer scientist retired

Good ideas that we forgot.

Jonas Boner


Founder and CTO of Lightbend

How Events Are Reshaping Modern Systems

Juliet Moreiro Bockhop


Support Engineer

IoT on the beach house

Mario Fusco


Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat

Lazy Java

Martin Thompson


High Performance Gangster

Cluster Consensus: when Aeron met Raft

Martin Kleppmann


Researcher at University of Cambridge

Automerge: Making servers optional for real-time collaboration

Mitchell Hashimoto


Founder of Hashicorp

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Lisa Phillips


Vice President of Site Reliability Engineering

Global Growth: Building remote-first dev/operations teams

Lonneke Dikmans


Chief Product Officer at eProseed

Serverless and Java?!? Is that even possible?

Liz Rice


Technology Evangelist at Aqua Security

Containers From Scratch

Rebecca Taft

Software Engineer at Cockroach Labs

Predictive Elastic Database Systems

Robin van Zijll

Site Reliability Engineer and Product Owner on the SRE team

How We Try to Make a Lion Bulletproof; Setting up SRE in a Global Financial Organization

Roland Kuhn


CTO at Actyx

Real production use: Reactive design for the manufacturing industry

Sergey Bykov


Principal Software Development Lead at Microsoft

Distributed Transactions are dead, long live distributed transaction!

Vinicius Senger


Senior Technical Evangelist

Working with software development the last 20 years Senger founded Globalcode, the largest Brazilian educational center specialized in software development. Senger had presented more than 200 talks about Software Development, Java, Java EE and open-source hardware. His project jHome, home automation API based on Java EE, won the Duke's Choice Award 2011 and nowadays he is working on putting Java and open-source hardware together.

Venkat Subraniamam


Founder of Agile Developer, Inc.

Exploring Java 9

Julio Faerman


Senior Technical Evangelist

Julio is a software engineer and educator, fascinated by learning processes - machine and human. Travels the world helping developers leverage the best of Amazon Web Services. Before that, worked at Red Hat, Borland, Governments, Telcos, Startups and too many pet projects.

John Feminella



Your Attention, Please: Optimizing for Humans

Vlad Mihalcea



Transactions and Concurrency Control Patterns

Markus Tacker


Senior R&D Engineer

Prototyping products for the Internet of Things using JavaScript

Maria Gómez


Market tech principal

Continuous Delivery for IoT

Zoltán Lehóczky


Co-founder and managing director

Turning software into computer chips – Hastlayer

Kinnary Jangla


Software Engineer

Accelerating development velocity of production ML systems with Docker

Max Novelli

Data Architect

Big Data in a neurophysiology research lab… what?

Javier Ramirez Molina


Senior Software Maintenance Engineer

Linux and opensource enthusiast since 1994, born and working from Malaga where I studied Telecommunications Engineer. I first joined at Red Hat February 2009 and since I have enjoyed different roles such as: Technical Support Engineer, Consultant, Technical Account Manager and now I’m Senior Software Maintenance Engineer for OpenShift. OpenShift user since v2 when was working as Red Hat consultant in a large bank in Spain than then became one of the biggest OpenShift Cointaner Platform v3 environment in Europe. Proud husband and father of two daughters.

Patrick Di Loreto



A Functional approach to reactive microservice architecture

Jose Escanciano

Chief Architect

A Functional approach to reactive microservice architecture

Shagufta Gurmukhdas


Software Developer

Real-time object detection coz YOLO!

Benedek Farkas

Co-founder and managing director

Benedek shows interest in IT since the year of 6, when he joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. His interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and he decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming. After that he started studying Computer Science and met new friends, Zoltán among them. Forming a good team, they participated in several programming contests with success and later they founded the Orchard Hungary Community and started to work with Orchard and in its community.

Luis Estrada



The keys to turn in a technological project into a real product with an international launch

Juan Carlos Ruiz Rico


Cloud Platform Consultant

Overpowered Kubernetes: CI/CD for K8s on Enterprise IaaS

Ewout Prangsma

Software Developer

Implementing data center to data center replication for a distributed database

Alvaro Santamaria


Data Scientist

Lessons learned building a big data analytics engine, from proprietary to open source

Joel Brunger

Lessons learned building a big data analytics engine, from proprietary to open source

Javier de la Torre Medina


Senior Sales Consultant

Big Data: selling the Business Case to the business

Andrea Di Placido

Technology Sales Consultant

Andrea is a more than 10 years Java developer. He works in several consulting companies, being involved in projects for telco companies, in Italy and Spain. He also managed Operational Research and Decisional Systems projects (he is IBM certified). Within Oracle Andrea supports the Italian Sales Team.

La Térmica, Av. de los Guindos 48, 29004 | Málaga, Spain


23rd-25th May 2018

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